Demet Akalın

Demet Akalın is a Turkish pop singer and former model.

Akalın studied at Gölcük Barbaros Hayrettin Lisesi and initially wanted to become a journalist or a teacher. She won the ‘Miss Mayo’ beauty competition organized by Yaşar Alptekin. She joined Neşe Erberk Modeling Agency and worked as a professional model for six years. During this period, she also acted as the female lead in the movies ‘Sensiz Olmaz’ and ‘Tele Anahtar’. In 1996, she started her music career with the song “Sebebim” (My Reason).

Her debut album Unuttum (I’ve Forgotten) was released in 1997. In 2004, she released her third studio album Banane, and the album’s debut single “Bittim” (I’m Done) made her a famous popstar. Since 2004 she released hits such as “Aşkın Açamadığı Kapı” (The Door that Love Couldn’t Open), “Banane” (I Don’t Care), “Vuracak” (It’s Gonna Hit), “Afedersin” (Sorry), “Herkes Hak Ettiği Gibi Yaşıyor” (Everybody Lives the Way They Deserve), “Alçak” (Ignoble), “Tatil” (Holiday), “Mucize” (Miracle), “Tecrübe” (Experience), “Evli, Mutlu, Çocuklu” (Married, Happy with Children), “Çanta” (Suitcase), “Olacak Olacak” (It Will Be, It Will Be), “Aşk” (Love).

Her songs are regularly performed in Turkish nightclubs and bars.  /Gjithqka Nga Pak


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