Çolpan İlhan

Çolpan İlhan (8 August 1936 – 25 July 2014) was a Turkish cinema and theatre actress. In 1998 she was awarded the title of State Artist of Turkey. She acted in more than 300 films and theater plays.

İlhan received her secondary education at Istanbul Kandilli High School for Girls. Later she studied theater at İstanbul Municipal Drama School and painting at State Academy of Istanbul for Fine Arts. With her fellow students from the Academy, she later formed an amateur theater group called “Akademi Tiyatrosu (Academy Theater)” and prepared plays and dramas.

In 1957, she acted in her first film called Kamelyalı Kadın, which was an adaptation to the movies of The Lady of the Camellias. The same year, she acted in her first professional play Sevgili Gölge (Dear Shadow) with Münir Özkul and Uğur Başaran at Küçük Sahne (Little Scene) Theater. She acted for 3 years in this theater until its disbandment in the same year. She later performed “Tersine Dönen Şemsiye (Inside-out Umbrella)” with Müfit Ofluoğlu and Sabahattin Kudret Aksal at Oda (Chamber) Theater. Later, she acted with Kent Oyuncuları (City Performers) in the play of Güner Sümer called “Yarın Cumartesi (Tomorrow is Saturday)”. She also acted at Kenterler Theater in plays such as “Baharın Sesi (The Sound of Spring)”, “Nalınlar (The Pattens)” and “Aptal Kız (The Foolish Girl)”. After a while, she made a break in theater with the birth of her only child. Starting from the mid-1960s, she has returned to her acting career with movies and took part in around 300 Turkish films. She played in the movies until the end of 1970s all in the leading roles and then left the cinema industry and concentrated on fashion designing.  /Gjithqka Nga Pak


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