Buğra Gülsoy

Buğra Gülsoy (born February 22, 1982) is a Turkish actor, architect, director, graphic designer and photographer.

Buğra Gülsoy was born into a Turkish family in Ankara, Turkey.

He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. He gained his first stage experience, when he was 13. He graduated from the Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture.

Gülsoy began a role in the series Hepimiz Birimiz İçin (2008) as Nazım. In 2009, he appeared in the film Güneşi Gördüm. In 2010, Gülsoy played the role of Vural Namlı in the famous series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?. Gülsoy appeared in one more 2010 movie, Shadows and Faces. Then he appeared in the movie Güzel Günler Göreceğiz as Cumali. Since 2011, he has portrayed Güney Tekinoğlu in the Kanal D drama series Kuzey Güney and was awarded “The best TV series actor” in 2012. In 2013, he played the main role in the series “Eski Hikaye” as Mete. In 2015, he played one of the lead roles in the series “Aşk Yeniden” as Fatih.

Gülsoy dated actress Burcu Kara, and they married on 22 July 2011. The pair lasted only 12 months and divorced in 2012.  /Gjithqka Nga Pak


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