Atif Yilmaz Batibeki

Atıf Yılmaz Batıbeki (December 9, 1925 – May 5, 2006) was a renowned Turkish film director, screenwriter, and film producer. He was almost a legend in the film industry of Turkey with 119 movies directed. He also wrote 53 screenplays and produced 28 movies since 1951. He was active in almost every period of the Turkish film industry. Despite the numerous movies he directed, majority of those were qualified, and had a message to get through.

Atıf Yılmaz was born on December 9, 1925 in Mersin, Turkey to a Kurdish family originally from Palu. After finishing the high school in Mersin, he attended the Law School of Istanbul University. Because of his interest in arts, he dropped out the Law School and entered the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul. After graduating from the Academy, he did some painting works in workshops. His education of painting helped him directing his movies as he remarked lately.

In his private life, he got married three times. His first wife was actress Nurhan Nur. After divorcing his second wife, the playwright Ayşe Şasa, he made his last marriage with Deniz Türkali, daughter of Vedat Türkali, a Turkish novelist, film script writer and film director. Atıf Yılmaz has a daughter, Kezban Arca (Batıbeki) from his first marriage.  /Gjithqka Nga Pak



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