Arda Kural

Arda Kural (born 12 April 1980, in Yalova) is a Turkish actor. He studied at Yalova Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek High School. Following 2 years of drama training, he started acting professionally at the Tiyatroroman Theatre. He also worked at Kral TV as a VJ for a short time.

In 1999, Kural made his television debut in the series Eyvah Kızım Büyüdü where he acted with Haluk Bilginer, Yıldız Asyalı and Nergis Kumbasar. After appearing in Şemsi Paşa Pasajı and Kuzenlerim, he starred in Mustafa Altıoklar’s successful teenage series Lise Defteri. He then played Posta Ferit in Emret Komutanım . In 2005, he acted in the films Banyo directed by Mustafa Altıoklar and Sahne. Kural appeared in the film Gelecekten Bir Gün in 2010 directed by Boğaçhan Dündar.  /Gjithqka Nga Pak


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