Gjithqka Nga Pak


Gamze Özçelik (born August 26, 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish actress, model and TV hostess. Her maternal is of Turkish origin who immigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied at Maltepe Anatolian High School, and went on to graduate from Istanbul Bilgi University. She won the Elite Model look 1999. After this she ventured into acting. Gamze was also a co-host of the Turkish […]

Funda Eryiğit (born November 6, 1984 in Zwolle, Netherlands) is a Turkish serial, cinema and theater actress. After graduating from Kadir Has Anatolian High School, she graduated from İstanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department after completing the International Relations Department of Istanbul University Political Sciences Faculty. She won the best actress award in the musical / comedy category at the 18th Sadri Alışık Theater and […]

Filiz Akın (born Suna Filiz Akın, 2 January 1943 in Ankara, Turkey) is a Turkish film actress. She is one of the most famous actresses in the history of Turkish cinema with more than 120 films, mostly in the 1960s and 1970s. She graduated from TED Ankara College and then studied archaeology at the Faculty of Arts at Ankara University. In 1962 she won a competition […]

Mehmet Fikret Kuşkan (born 22 April 1965 in İstanbul) is a Turkish actor. Kuşkan grew up in İstinye with his parents and four sisters. When he was 13, his father died and he moved to Tokat. After three years, he returned to İstanbul and began studying at Hasköy Lisesi. He graduated from Istanbul University’s theatre conservatory. Kuşkan made his film debut […]

Fikret Hakan (23 April 1934 – 11 July 2017), born Bumin Gaffar Çitanak, was a prolific Turkish film actor and a recipient of the honorary State Artist, a prestigious title awarded by the Turkish government. Hakan was born as Bumin Gaffar Çitanak in 1934 to Gaffar and Fatma Belkıs. His mother was a head nurse while his father was a […]

Feriha “Feri” Cansel (7 July 1944 – 2 September 1983) was a Turkish Cypriot actress. She was born Lefkoşa (Nicosia), Cyprus and spent her early youth in the United Kingdom, acquiring British citizenship and she became a hairdresser in London. Once settled in Turkey, she also obtained Turkish citizenship, marrying for convenience the janitor of the block of apartments in İstanbul where she lived concluding for that purpose. She started […]

Stealth: Shkojm naper shpija ti thirre vizit Nuk jena parajs ku tuneli ka drit Ngelesh pertoke su qove mu za per karrik Nuk bojna replik,no patience me prit Im getting the money cuz thats what i need My shqipez are hungry so fi… what u think Kur thash free all mu G-s nuk fola per […]

[Koach2.0:] Nananana hey… I gotta hustle all night, I gotta go I can’t control you ‘Cause high with that gyal across the world baby, I can show you (yeah) There’s not one day don’t be afraid that I don’t own you High with that gyal across the world to New York and Barcelona Hey (Hey…) […]

Altin Sulku Sa her te mendoj ne rrug me del Ajshe ajshe ajshee Si ti nuk kam pa jo asnjeher Ajshe ajshe ajshee Frymen po e mbaja Syt jo nuk ja ndaja Vetes sdo ja falja Po me ike se Me e majra ti je Dale moj dale tet them ni fjale Jepja ktij djalit […]

2× Ouh Maria, ouh Maria… Hekmi do mendime qe i kam Mend’t e mia, mend’t e mia Nah-Nah vetes sime si besoj 2× Kuku aj osht i martum Aj m’don n’snapchat m’shkrun 9 missed calls n’telefon On on on Dua Zemer ti se din sesa Dua Kurr nuk ki me dit sesa Vuaj S’muj mu […]